Grenada Citizenship by Investment

The citizenship by investment program for Grenada provides a second citizenship and passport to investors offering visa-free travel to over 149 countries including the UK, EU Schengen countries and China. Grenada also offers access for its citizens to the USA E2 treaty investor visa.


-Real Estate Investment

Government-approved projects include various types of real estate developments, such as hotels, resorts, and properties.

-National Transformation Fund Contribution

This is a government fund responsible for financing government projects which benefit Grenada’s economy. These projects include tourism, agriculture, and alternative energy.

-Advantages of Grenadian Citizenship

Grenada is a tax haven, in that it has no foreign income tax, wealth tax, inheritance or capital gains tax. It also has no restrictions on imported capital or on the repatriation of profits into Grenada.

-Application Process

Firstly, you need to fulfill the personal application criteria: you must be in good health and you need a clear criminal record from your current country of residence and proof that you have the necessary funds available to invest.

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