The Client(s) is liable to claim for a refund of 80% in a case where:

  • Adebas Royal Consult has agreed that the immigration lawyer is satisfied to appeal the client’s case after which the client’s case is returned with a negative decision when client as paid all immigration lawyer charges.
  • Given wrong and untruthful advice with regards to his/her application/case resulting in a negative decision
  • Unable to get Visa/Migration due to the company’s misguidance/misleading by any of Adebas Royal Consult staff or agent

The Client/Customer will not be entitled to any refund of his/her, deposit charges, lawyers fees, governments charges (such as visa fees, biometric fees, Medical fees and more) or application fees in case of, Health problems, any Criminal matters, Forging or the Presentation of false/fake documents to Adebas Royal Consult, Not respecting the governing Regulations, Terms, and Conditions, voluntarily withdrawal of application,  Not attending the medical exam and/or the interview for any reason, Not submitting the required documents / Linguistic Score to the relevant governing body that require, Not able to communicating fluently in the required language during the visa application process interview, Not able to respond correctly and professionally to the Immigration Officer regarding the profession and/or the job duties as well as the job description that he/she applied for in his/her Application for visa registration, Not providing correct answers to an embassy or consulate interview officer. If the rejection is due to any of the aforementioned reasons the client will become liable with immediate effect to pay the balance fee to Adebas Royal Consult.

The refund application will be processed within 15 working days whereas the refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment and for complete details refer to the retainer agreement.

The form fees will not to be refunded for any reason