TEER Replace of NOC


Canadian Immigration department has recently introduced a new skilled system for immigrants. It is called Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities (TEER). The job qualification will now be assessed upon this new system. The new approach will be categorizing the TEER system under Teer 0, Teer 1, Teer 2, Teer 3, Teer 4, and Teer 5 with a total of 516 occupations which is 16 more than the previous version of NOC in 2016.

NOC system is reviewed every year and updated after every five years. This is the first time after 2011 when a five-digit hierarchical structure, has been introduced. The NOC has been developed and maintained as part of a collaborative partnership between ESDC and Statistics Canada.

IRCC and the provinces use currently the NOC 2016 to assess the immigrants under the Express Entry program. The same is true for the ESDC to evaluate the LMIA applications. Now the new version of NOC will be used from Fall 2022.

The TEER system will replace the old skills type system of NOC with 0, A, B, C, and D categories. The old system of NOC was mostly focused on occupation and not on skills. The new Teer system will cover all aspects required for the needed immigrants in Canada such as work experience and education. It will also help remove the artificial creation of low versus high skilled categorization. This will indeed help accurately capture the required skills for an occupation.

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